The Fabbie Dog design process begins when I hand select each and every material and fabric that is used in the clothing. I want to see it, touch it, feel it and make sure that everything I use for Fabbie Dog products is the best quality. I would never select a material that I wouldn’t use to dress my own dog! And while it’s a lot of work, the design process is so much fun.

I spend a couple days in downtown Los Angeles going in and out of various stores picking out fabrics and piecing together fun and fabulous styles. My incredible, talented team and I work together to create fantastic patterns and the correct sizes for the pups. It’s important that the clothing is designed to have a great fit and feel! I take inspiration from my own dogs and think about the kind of outfits I love to see them in, while professional pattern-makers ensure that each piece is perfect and precise.

During each step of this process, I’m present and active, overseeing the big picture and the little details. Creating fantastic clothing is about having a creative mindset while also being able to problem solve along the way.

Once we have a complete and beautiful pattern, the material and pattern makes its way to my seamstress. While I may not have a needle in my hand, I’m there alongside those final steps, making sure quality is maintained and each piece is placed and sewed exactly how it should be.

Just like every dog has its own unique look and personality, each of the styles that Fabbie Dog produces is also unique. I want there to be something for every fashion taste — from sparkle to faux fur. When your dog is dressed in one of our hoodies or jackets, they’ll stand out from the crowd.

We’re different because we’re not mass produced. Instead, we’re limited because style is about standing out. We’re also different because we’re not produced in a factory across the world. Instead, we’re made right here in America by people who are passionate about the work they do.

Throughout the entire production process, the design and construction of Fabbie Dog clothing is meticulous, intentional and fueled by passion. I pour my heart and soul into the work that makes Fabbie Dog stand out among dog clothing brands.

The Process