Trendy chic styles to compliment today’s fashion and comfortable to allow our fur babies to move freely and remain active while looking runway fab!

Here at Fabbie Dog we are taking a step outside the fur fashion box! I personally hand pick all of our fabrics and together with my team we design and sew each Fabbie Dog Hoodie. Our dog hoodies are all made in the USA.

Our unique creations are in limited quantities for the same reason you buy your own special outfits. Our labels will soon be numbered so you have a certified Fabbie Dog hoodie.

When I decided to focus on making fun clothing for dogs, I also wanted to create something so cute, I'd want to wear it. Enter my signature hoodie. With a variety of soft, colorful, fun, and trendy fabrics, these limited, custom made styles are made for fun. Designed to make you smile, laugh, & coo, each hoodie is superbly made and undeniably cute.

Fashion and style are important to everyone and that goes for our pets too! If you’re going to dress your pup up we can assure you that you won’t see a twin too close by. We know what it’s like to walk into a room and see someone wearing the same outfit as you and we know that you wouldn’t want that for your furry fashionista either!

As the Fabbie Dog brand grows, it's my goal to offer not just adorable clothing for your precious dog/pup, but I also plan to launch other clothing apparel for those that want their dog to make a statement. I believe there's so much we can do with this fun line of products, and I can't wait to bring a smile to you and your pooch. Here's to some fashion icon dogs!