Primp Your Pup: Fun Ways to Fancy Up Your Furry Friend

If you love all things beauty and fashion, what could be more fun than styling your favorite pooch? With the right products and care, primping your pup can take them from woof to wow in no time!

There’s no shame in spoiling your Fabbie Dog. Just like people, your dog can use a little extra TLC and pampering every now and then. And, it’s important to keep up with hygiene and standard care for their coat.

Her are four fun ideas for primping your pup.

1. Dress Up

What’s cuter than a dog in clothes? From hats to boots and head to toe, dressing up your pup is a fun way to make a statement. These one-of-a-kind Fabbie Dog hoodies come in all sorts of colors, prints and fun styles. Each one is labeled with a special Fabbie Dog tag and with limited quantities of each style available, your pup will surely stand out from the crowd, taking them from woof to wow!

2. Dashing Dye Job

Go bright and bold with a fun, non-toxic and temporary dye job on your pooch’s fur. You can do a full body dye job, dip dye paws, highlight a faux hawk or color just their tail. According to, food coloring and specially designed colored pet hairsprays and pet fur chalk are three great ways to add a temporary splash of color.

3. Good Grooming

Caring for your dog’s coat is the base to all other fun and stylish looks and it’s important to their health to get regular grooming. According to petMD, grooming includes ear cleaning and nail clipping in addition to the care for their long- or short-haired coat. Start bringing your dog to a groomer as a puppy so that they get used to the experience and remain calm during the grooming.

4. Sparkling Smile

Brushing your dog’s teeth is important for health, fresh breath and a sparkling pup smile. It’s easy for you to take care of this task yourself with a little dedication, as it’s best to brush twice a day, just like you do for your own teeth. According to VCA Animal Hospital, you should begin warming your dog up to this process by using a damp washcloth and then move on to a toothbrush and dog-safe toothpaste once they are adjusted to the washcloth. It’s vital that you don’t use regular toothpaste since it’s not designed to be swallowed and can actually be toxic. Make sure to talk to your vet if you have questions about caring for your dog’s teeth.