Posing your pup: How to Snap the Perfect Photo of Your Fabbie Dog

Part of the fun of having a dog is filling your camera roll with dozens of adorable photos of your pup. There are a million reasons to snap a picture of your cute four-legged friend - an adorable facial expression, a cute new outfit, a funny pose — the list goes on and on.

But the real fun is when you get to post that photo to Instagram or Facebook and share that picture-perfect moment with all of your friends to see. And while it’s seemingly easy to take a picture — we all have a camera in our back pocket at all times — it’s a little more difficult to capture a quality image worth the hundreds of likes your pup deserves.

So how do you make your phone photo look like a professional shot? Follow these four tips to help you snap the best picture of your pooch.

1. Find the Right Light
Lighting is everything! Harsh, bright lighting isn’t flattering and creates awkward shadows in your photos, taking the focus off of the subject. Outdoor lighting is typically the best. Look for a shady spot during sunny hours of the day and make sure there aren’t patches of sunlight peeking through or shoot during what photographers call “golden hour” — the hour before sunset — for the best lighting of the day. If you’re stuck inside, try and avoid the direct, harsh light of an artificial fixture and open some shades to let soft, natural light in.

2. Clear the Clutter
Eliminating clutter from your photo keeps the attention on the star: your dog! Look for a clean and simple background such as a brick wall, a grassy field or a cute rug. Position your pup so that he or she is the biggest object in the photo. You don’t want a toy, pillow, tree or anything else to stand out instead. It’s ok to use a carefully selected prop or two, but less is more when it comes to photos.

3. Make a Statement
This picture should be all about your pup! But there are so many dog pictures on the internet that you need a way for yours to stand out. Dressing your dog up in a stylish hoodie is sure to keep them from blending in to the crowd! Try a funky print like this gold option against a brick wall or this cozy grey style for an indoor photo curled up next to the fireplace. Wanting something more colorful? The pretty pastels in this hoodie have a shimmery, almost mermaid like effect.

4. Use the Rule of Thirds
The rule of thirds is one of the keys to composing a great photograph. Imagine drawing a grid with nine squares over the entirety of your image. Your subject should land in near a spot where any two lines cross. While this is more of a general guideline than a rule, it’s a great way for a beginning photographer to improve their photography and avoid centering the subject.