5 Fun Ideas for Dog Fashion

Fashion is an incredible way to show off your unique taste and personality. Choosing colors, prints, textures and outfits that reflect who you are is fun and a great creative outlet.

In addition to styling yourself, it’s fun to have a pup to style. While dogs of course don’t need clothes, giving them an accessory or two can not only be fun but also practical at times. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and different breeds are built for different climates, so there is lots to take into consideration when choosing the perfect fashion statement for your furry friend.

Need some ideas? Here are five fun fashion statements for your favorite pooch.

1. Fabbie Dog Hoodies

You don’t want your pup to be like all the others in the neighborhood, which is why our limited edition hoodies are the perfect choice. These here, perfect for French bulldogs and other small dogs, feature all sorts of fun patterns like snake skin, sparkle, and other bold prints. Plus, they’re sold in limited quantities to ensure that no other furry friends will be copying your dog’s fun style.

2. Adorable Booties

Fall is the season for cute boots — for dogs and humans. Dog booties are snugly fit and more sock-like than their human counterparts. They’re great for walks when the pavement is hot from the sun beating down or for taking the dog out for a bathroom break when the ground is when and you don’t want puddly paw prints throughout the house. And of course it doesn’t hurt that a dog in boots is just as cute as can be.

3. Pup Ponchos

Nobody likes getting drenched in the rain — including your dog. A stylish poncho or rain jacket is great for when you’re out in a storm and it’s quite possibly one of the most darling outfits you can put on your pup. Jackets come in fun, bright colors so your pet can make a statement out in the rain.

4. Twirly Tutus 

A fun and frilly skirt for your pup is great for a fancier look. If you’re headed to a holiday event or night out to dinner on a dog-friendly patio, a skirt is a fun accessory. When choosing a skirt for your pooch, just make sure it’s short enough to stay off the ground so that little paws don’t get caught in the frills.

5. Cute & Cozy Hats

Whether your dog has big, floppy ears or pointy, little ears, a hat is the perfect accent atop their cute and furry head. Try a birthday hat for a fun celebration, a knit cap for a winter excursion or a baseball-style cap to keep the sun out of their eyes. Some dogs may be bothered by having something on their head, so be sensitive to your dog’s reactions to any clothing you put on them.